Lee Printing has a long history as a well-established and professional company, with an outstanding reputation.The customer service is exemplary and the employees are courteous and professional. Over my many years of experience working with them, I have always been pleased with their work and attention to detail. You will also receive forthright guidance and benefit from their expertise should you have any questions about your project. There are no surprises here…you will get a quality product every time and they are a pleasure to work with.
Rosemary, Henry Ford Macomb Hospitals



This is what I came up with. Feel free to modify if you like. I think we have been with you for at least 15 years. If it is longer, you can change that number. It may be more like 20!
Elena, Drs. Iacobelli and DiGregorio, P.C.



Lee Printing is a very organized, professional, and just all around fun company to work with. There is a reason that they are as old as dirt!
Audrey, The Insulation Man Inc.



We are grateful to have a company with the deep roots in our community and such high quality service that Lee Printing does. The employees at Lee have always been welcoming to new ideas and willing to work with us on anything. We appreciate all the work and support they have provided already and are looking forward to more projects in the future
Steve, Mount Clemens YMCA Membership Department



Lee Printing Rocks! Everyone there is easy to work with and they do a fantastic job on our newsletter every month. It looks great and is always on time!
Carolynn, Editor and Chief - The Gospel News



Lee Printing is an amazing enterprise. Keith, Ryan, Kris, and the entire Lee Printing staff handle all of our needs from layout and printing to preparing, printing, and sending our class action notices which requires attention to detail. No one can match Lee Printing for quality, accuracy, and getting your job done quickly and efficiently
Paul, Zebrowski Law



"Lee Printing has handled our printing needs for years. We are very satisfied with the quality of their work and the customer service we receive from them!"
David, Jim Causley Buick GMC



There are plenty of printers to choose from in the area… what sets Lee Printing apart from the rest is the attention to detail and the customer service. It’s a great feeling to do business with a company that is local, family owned, creative, technically competent and all-around nice to work with. The experience in the industry is another reason why I choose Lee Printing. They not only provide me with solutions to printing problems, they also have a firm grip on the future. They have, on more than one occasion, provided me with suggestions on how to keep my collateral current and effective!
Gaetano, MOTOR


Color Correction


Your computer monitor does not have the richness in color that your final printed product will have. Because this printing process is a full color printing operation, your files and images will at some point need to be converted to CMYK from RGB. It’s best if you do the conversion so you can see the initial color adjustment of the file. This can easily be accomplished with a design program such as PhotoShop.



Colored text


Colored text is fine to use for font sizes 12pt or higher. Anything smaller can result in distorted text that will be difficult to read.


Digital Photographs


If you are using digital photos from a camera, set your camera to take shots at a high pixel resolution number so that your JPG can be altered in size without any problems in terms of color and sharpness. It’s a good idea to use a program like PhotoShop to ensure that the images have a resolution setting of 300dpi.



Scanned Images


If you’re scanning images from photographs, scan them using a resolution of 300dpi. Scan your images at the size you’re going to use them so the images retain their detail and color balance. You can also save your images in either TIF or EPS format, preserving the color and sharpness of your images.



Web Images


We don’t suggest that you use images from the web. Most have low resolutions and will not add to your design.


Need to send us files.



It will ask for a passphrase, to upload a file use: leeprint



Need to upload more than one file?


Try to Zip/Compress files together
Mac OS X: put all files in folder, then right click on folder, choose compress
PC: Try programs like - Winzip - PowerArchiver - 7-Zip


How long have you been in business


Lee Printing Company, Established in 1889



An Overview of Lee Printing Company.


William J. Lesperance grew up in Detroit and was the second oldest of 4 brothers. He sold newspapers to raise enough money to move out of his childhood home at the young age of 16, the year was 1945. Selling “extra” newspapers on the corner gave him the opportunity to take notice of “ink on paper”. To coin an old printing phrase “ink started to run in his veins”. With that interest he enrolled in the International Typographical Union of North America where he graduated in 1950.

Soon after graduation Bill was employed as a typesetter at Northwestern Printing in Detroit. He later was married to Beverly, moved to Macomb County and raised 3 children. While working one day he received a call from his wife Bev that their oldest son was sick and needed medical attention. Bill approached his foreman to leave early and a stern “no” was the response. That incident was the catalyst that started his quest to own a printing business; not only to provide for his family, but also create a work environment that would encourage a family atmosphere. Family health was on the forefront of his mind.

Bill had the opportunity to purchase Lee Printing Company located in Mount Clemens in 1964. The company survived the 1967 riots and the gas crunch of the 70’s. In 1976 the landlord informed him that he needed to move his business due to the demolition of the building he presently occupied. Even with the high interest rates of the late 70’s, Bill purchased land and built a new building that we presently occupy today. The early 90’s brought desktop publishing to mainstream and Bill dove in headfirst. Purchasing a slew of Apple Computers we grew our graphics side of the business. The late 90’s took a turn for the worse — William Lesperance passed away August 30, 1998 at the age of 68 of pancreatic cancer. He was diagnosed and passed within 2 months.

Beverly who was Vice President took over the business until it was sold to her son Keith in 2006. Keith was 7 years old when his father purchased the business. His first job at age 11 was working Saturdays for .50 cents an hour washing floors and cleaning equipment. Keith took to printing like his father and has been working full time since November 1977. Keith’s son Ryan came on board in 2000; three generations in the same business over a 48-year period of time. We truly are a family owned business and one that hopes to serve our customers for many years to come.


How long will it take


Generally speaking, we typically turnaround projects in 5 to 7 working days from final approval. We also realize there are times when you need us to step it up and deliver your projects sooner. We will do what is in our power to get you the quicker delivery you need. It is always best to check with us early on in the development of a project so that we may help complete your project on time and on budget.




5.5 x 8.5 / InDesign / EPS / PDF
8.5 x 11 / InDesign / EPS / PDF


InDesign / EPS / PDF

Business Card:

InDesign / EPS / PDF

Door Hanger:

InDesign / EPS / PDF


#10 Regular / InDesign / EPS / PDF
#10 Window / InDesign / EPS / PDF





4.25 x 5.5 / InDesign / EPS / PDF
4 x 6 / InDesign / EPS / PDF
5.5 x 8.5 / InDesign / EPS / PDF
6 x 9 / InDesign / EPS / PDF
6 x 11 / InDesign / EPS / PDF


11 x 17 / InDesign / EPS / PDF
12 x 18 / InDesign / EPS / PDF
24 x 36 / InDesign / EPS / PDF

Just let us know and we can
make you a custom size template


Bleeds, what are they


Bleed is a term for any color or image that goes right to the edge of the paper. What happens is that the picture or other graphic extends 1/8" (.125") beyond the edge of the page and that excess image or color is then cut off as a part of the finishing process.

Text or images that are not meant to be trimmed off the edge of your final printed piece must be 1/8"-1/4" (.125"-.25") from the edge of your layout (also known as safety area). Items placed 1/8" (.125") or closer are in danger of being trimmed off.



Job Opennings



Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

“Key Results Areas”

• Answer incoming calls by the second ring with a smile

• Front office is ready to handle customers at 8:30 a.m.

• Process repeat orders

• Proof read and manage proofing to ensure schedule is kept

• Assist inside and outside sales in getting jobs in process

• Give “starting at” pricing for walk in customers

• Set up walk in appointments for inside and outside sales


Lee Printing Company’s core values


FamLEE’s love each other
FamLEE’s give more than necessary
FamLEE’s communicate to understand
FamLEE’s look for a better way and drive change
FamLEE’s pursue growth and learning
FamLEE’s are humble


What we do.


Plain and simple, if has to do with creative design and/or ink on any sub-straight, we get all over it!

We do realize that some people like lists, so here is a short list. If there is something you don't see here, feel free to give us a call...we'd love to talk.


• Creative design

• Commercial Offset Printing

• Digital Printing

• Marketing Strategy

• Mailing

• Poster/Banner Printing

• T-Shirt Printing

• Websites